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Multiple file upload using ajax with progress bar

Uploading multiple files using ajax makes a pleasant feeling to the user. It makes even more happier if upload progress status is printed with percentage.

            In this blog, you will make a file upload form using ajax with file upload progress bar.

Prerequisites :

1) Javascript supported browser
2) LAMP Server / XAMPP Server

Code :


<!DOCTYPE html>



    <title>Multiple File Upload using Ajax</title>

    <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="style.css">

    <script src="//"></script>




        <form action="action.php" method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data" id="multiple-upload-form">

            <input type="button" id="select-file-btn" value="Select Files" onclick="document.getElementById(…


Amazon Web Service is the best place for web hosting. SInce it supports cloud computing. By this blog, you can easily setup an aws ec2 ubuntu server

Step 1 :
Sign into Amazon Console with your amazon credentials. Aws account is free for first year.

Step 2 :

Select your Region where you want to setup your ubuntu server. Later click on Ec2 Virtual Servers in the clouds menu in console menu list

Step 3 :

Click Launch an Instance

Step 4 :

Select Ubuntu Server 14.04 LTSin server type list

Step 5 :

Select server type. Select t2.micro or t2.small and later click Configure Instance Details

Step 6:

Click Add Storage Button

Step 7 :

Click Tag Instance Button

Step 8:

Give a value like "WebServer"for key "name" and click Configure Security group Button

Step 9 :

Select pre existing group or create a new security group. Try to create default security group as below if no security groups exist. And last click Review and Launch button

Step 10 :

Click Launch button

Step 11 :

Now you need a …