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Setup Redis and Redis PHP Client in Ubuntu

Redis is a key-value pair storage system. In this tutorial we will discuss how to install redis and redis php client in ubuntu server.
Prerequisites 1) Ubuntu Server with running LAMP Server. 2) Sudo Permission
Install Redis Server
1) Add PPA repository by running below command and press ENTER sudo add-apt-repository ppa:chris-lea/redis-server 2) Update your package manager sudo apt-get update 3) Install Redis Package sudo apt-get install redis-server 4) Check Redis is running successfully by executing following command redis-cli ping This will return PONG if its working correctly.

5) To setup password to your redis server, do below code(not mandatory) sudo vim /etc/redis/redis.conf uncomment line containing requirepass and add your password after the keyword requirepass yourpassword 6) Now restart your redis server sudo service redis-server restart 7) Try below command to login to your redis server
redis-cli -a yourpassword output>> keys * (empty list …